June 17, 2024

IID Board Adopts Strategic Plan for 2024-2025

By Bob Marra
IID Board Adopts New Strategic Plan: Setting Goals for the Future

The Imperial Irrigation District Board of Directors has adopted its 2024-2025 Strategic Plan that outlines specific goals and initiatives the district will focus on over the next two years.

The new plan, IID’s first in eight years, outlines seven strategic goals and 18 initiatives that provide guidance and identify opportunities to achieve IID’s mission, vision, and strategic direction policies. It also sets the stage for the plan to be updated every two years.

“We are delighted to reach this important milestone as we work to set the all-important direction for IID,” said IID Board Chairman Alex Cardenas. “Together, with our management team, staff, and public input, we’ve been actively working on this for some time now, and we are pleased to have a document that effectively encompasses all of our efforts.”

The district began the strategic planning process in 2023, receiving active involvement from the Board and management team, staff surveys that achieved over 50 percent participation from the IID workforce, and public input through a survey that garnered more than 1,100 responses.

“We are pleased to share our 2024-2025 Strategic Plan today, which sets a clear path to achieve critical priorities that will drive the District forward in its most critical mission of providing water and power that are essential to life and progress for our communities,” said IID Board Vice Chairman JB Hamby. “This demonstrates the IID Board and management team’s progressive commitment to proactively resolve challenges while establishing the District as a leader in water and power, securing a strong and resilient future.”

The plan builds on the Board’s newly adopted Board Policy and aligns with the biennial strategic and budget planning process, becoming integral to the District’s culture.

Over the next two-year period, staff actions will drive progress toward these goals; quarterly updates will ensure that progress is monitored and achieved. The goals will shape the district’s budget and rate processes, ensuring key priorities are funded.

The plan’s seven strategic goals are:

  • Infrastructure Investment and Management
  • Financial Resilience
  • Water Conservation and Leadership
  • Coachella Valley Collaboration
  • Community Benefits and Services
  • Adopting Advanced Technologies
  • Effective and Engaging Strategic Planning

To view the draft IID 2024-2025 Strategic Plan, visit the IID Board agenda of June 4, 2024, page 67: IID Board Agenda 6-4-2024

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